Paulino's art work has all of the glamour and magic of a fairytale replete with kingly, priestly and cultural references. He has researched his subject, orchestrating professional technicians to accomplish the crafting of works that bring to mind the precious collections of royal families. Using a wide range of materials, from recycled to fabulously dear, he builds a narrative of rags to riches.

The beauty business has many correlations with the art market; both deal in superstars, edify beauty and relish spectacle. They have a common denominator in that it all comes down to the quality apparent in the work of art. With components in common; color, structure, design and composition play essential roles in the quest to create the phenomenal object, that piece that will elicit a “wow!” reaction, turn the head and draw the spectator in for a closer look that in turn may result in the desire to possess the beauty. As subject, the fashion industry is loaded with social messages, shades of political nuance and hierarchical positioning. The expectations and messages associated with the formality of a tie or even a label, for instance, run a gamut from familiarity to intimidation. “The clothes make the man” works from both the giving and the receiving side. The tie is an accessory that stands for authority. It can signal justice, financial success, seniority or respect. It is most commonly identified with the masculine and the strength of phallic centric systems. It is a sign of power.

- Julie Oakes

Art Dealer: Walter Moos